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We are just a bunch of men and women who enjoy playing bagpipes and drums, and love giving back to our community through performance. We come from all walks of life. Some of us had never played a musical instrument or never read music before becoming a part of the group. We can teach you!

If you have an interest, we are interested in YOU. We invite you to contact us and visit more about becoming a part of this unique group. Contact us through the form below.


Learn to play bagpipes

Your bagpiping instruction begins on a “practice chanter” which is similar to the recorder you may have played in music class in elementary school. We offer group lessons, which are free of cost, to those interested in joining the band. In these lessons, you will learn the basic fingerings and embellishments which will be applied to the music you will learn to play. Only after several band tunes are memorized will the purchase of bagpipes be discussed. Further instruction on bagpipes will include proper blowing technique, marching, tuning, and instrument maintenance. 

How long until I’m on pipes? This depends entirely on the student’s commitment and progress. In general, the range is from 6 to 18 months.

Lessons are given at both our location in Des Moines, and at the Community Center in Mitchellville, Iowa. Contact us for details.

Learn to drum

We offer instruction in Highland Drumming. Before purchasing any equipment or lesson books, please get in touch with us. For those wishing to pursue drumming, no previous experience is required, just a desire to learn and practice. Instruction will start with basic rhythms and progress to more difficult elements. Students will use a practice pad and snare drum sticks specially made for pipe band drumming or mallets. 

Pipe band drumming is a unique experience. The drum corps usually consists of one or more snare drums, also referred to as side drums, one or more tenor drummers, and usually one bass drummer.  The drum corps provides the rhythmic drive to the tune and the louds and softs that the bagpipes cannot provide. 

Lessons are given at both our location in Des Moines, and at the Community Center in Mitchellville, Iowa. Contact us for details

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Interested In Joining? Contact Us! 

For more information about lessons or to contact an instructor, please complete and send the form below.

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